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Towel Radiator Installation Instructions by Zehnder


Towel Radiator
Installation Instructions


Screwdriver- Standard and/or Phillips
Electric Drill
Allen Wrench (included)
Level (Optional)


1 - Radiator with heating element and plug
1 - Installation Kit with
      4- Male/Female Mounting Brackets
      4 - Lag screws with anchors & washers
      1- Allen Wrench
      1- Instructions
1 - Infrared Programmable Controller with mounting screw


Remove your zehnder Towel Radiator from its box, and locate the installation kit. We make every effort to provide all parts for easy installation. However, some installations require specific anchors, such as for differing thicknesses of sheetrock, and should be provided by the installer.


Assemble the tools and any special installation hardware.


Step 1 ) Location

Determine where your zehnder Towel Radiator will be installed. The locating of electrical service is your first step. All electrical service must be GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupted) compliant. Use only a professional electrician for any electrical service installation. There are two (2) types of electrical installation.

1) Plug-in to a standard grounded plug with a GFCI circuit. Requires outlet located within approximately 30 inches of heating element (normally on bottom right of unit).

2) Hard-wire directly to GFCI circuit using the zehnder Towel Radiator hard-wire kit. Hard-wire box must be located directly behind the heating element, and zehnder Towel Radiator must be positioned accordingly. The infrared Programmable Controller should be located in line-of-sight with the infrared eye of the heating element. However, in most standard sized bathrooms and smaller rooms the IPC can be located almost anywhere within the room as long as there are no obstructions between the IPC and heating element.


Step 2) Determine method of anchoring mounting brackets.

There are 2 options for anchoring the brackets:

1) Cement/Tile/BIock/Stone Anchors Those anchors are included with your installation kit. You will need a masonry drill sized 8mm (3/8").

2) Sheetrock Anchors - There are several varieties. (fig. 1) Determine the appropriate anchor for the weight of your radiator and the thickness of your sheetrock. You will need an appropriate sized standard drill.

Step 3) Attach male anchor studs to your zehnder Towel Radiator.

1) Loosen set screws in anchors and remove the male studs.

2) Unscrew the studs until almost separated. Insert between tubes of radiator at the corners, and twist to position them. Screw them firmly together, locking them into place. Refer to picture to see proper placing (fig. 2) (location can vary, depending on distance between your studs, etc.).



Step 4) Position your zehnder Towel Radiator.

1) Keep electrical connection location in mind.

2) Lift radiator up and hold against wall in location desired. (fig. 3)

3) Place level on top of radiator, or across top two studs.

4) Holding radiator in place, and with radiator level, draw circles around all four (4) studs with pencil. (fig. 4) 5} Set radiator down carefully.

6) Drill holes for appropriate anchors in middle of all four (4) circles. (fig. 5)

7) For cement anchors, set anchors with hammer and then attach the female stud with the enclosed lag bolts and washers. Center the studs in the penciled circles. For the sheetrock anchors, attach the studs with the appropriate anchor bolt and the enclosed washers.

8) Check level of top and bottom studs. The studs allow for small corrections in height. (fig. 6)

9) Hang your zehnder Towel Radiator On the female studs. Simply lift the radiator and slide onto all four (4) studs. Tighten the set screws on all four {4) brackets. You have some leeway with the distance from the wall. Slide the radiator in or out and tighten the set screws at your desired distance. (fig. 7)

Step 5) Plug it in or hard-wire It.

1) For plug-in models, plug your radiator in to a GFCI outlet.

2) For hard-wire models, have your electrical professional wire your radiator to a GFCI service, using the zehnder hard-wire kit. Follow the instructions enclosed with your hard-wire Kit

Step 6) Mount your Infrared Programmable Controller.

1) Locate position for IPC.

2) Detach back cover from IPC.

3) Drill hole for mounting screw, and insert anchor into hole.

4) Install screw into anchor. and screw down until slot in back plate fits snugly.

5) Reattach back plate, and slide IPC into place.

Step 7) Program your IPC and turn on your zehnder Towel Radiator.

1) Follow the Instructions for programming your IPC.

2) Turn power on to your radiator. Wait one hour before turning on radiator with IPC.

3) Enjoy your warm, dry towel, and warm room!