Steel Spacers soft-close drawer slides chamfered edges
Steel Spacers
KV Virtú™ Chrome-plated Steel Spacers easily and allow KV Virtú™ products to accommodate just about any cabinet width or face-frame application you throw at them.
Soft-Close Drawer Slides
Impressive and ever so quiet, Soft-Close Drawer Slides prevent KV Virtú™ products from noisily sliding back into the cabinet and jarring stored contents.
Chamfered Edges
For added detail and comfort, every exposed end on KV Virtú™ heavy-duty chrome wire is smoothed out and cleaned up with a Chamfered Edge, eliminating scratches or snags.
extruded corners and edging adjustable accessory clip steel mounting feet
Extruded Corners and Edging
The nylon capped corners and extruded edges on KV Virtú™ glass and melamine platform Standard Baskets eliminate hard edges, resulting in a refined and distinctive product.
Adjustable Accessory Clip
KV Virtú™ Adjustable Accessory Clip allows the drop-in inserts in KV Virtú™ Specialty Organizer Basket series to be easily manipulated to customize anyone's organizational needs.
Steel Mounting Feet
Heavy-duty, chrome-plated Steel Mounting Feet are included in a wide selection of our baskets and offer the option of base mounting in addition to the basic side-mount style.
steel door-mount brackets steel door-mount brackets
Steel Door-Mount Brackets
Both tall and short Steel Door-Mount Brackets are included with most of KV Virtú™ baskets to accommodate a variety of application and allow for easy adjustment. Taller and full-height doors can easily be mounted to KV Virtú™ baskets, base cabinet pull-outs or pantry systems with the tall brackets. KV Virtú™ short brackets are perfect for drawer applications, and when used with KV Virtú™ shallow or Specialty Organizer Baskets they create an upgraded system beyond any basic utensil or cutlery drawer insert.