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Appliance Lift

Installation Instructions

Parts Included

A. Left Mechanism
B. Right Mechanism
C. 22 - #8 x 1/2" Phillips
     Truss Head screws
D. Maple Platform
    Includes 1 screw pack
Tools Required

Phillips head Screwdriver
Drill with 1/16" (1.5mm)
   bit for drilling pilot holes
Tape Measure


Step 1

Inspect all parts and read all instructions prior to beginning assembly and installation.

Step 2

Place left half of the mechanism along the inner cabinet wall (Figure 1), with the front edge of mechanism 1/2" from the edge of cabinet opening or face frame and the top edge of mechanism 1/2" below cabinet opening. Mark each of the 6 hole locations with a pencil.


Face frame style cabinets may require the installation of wood support blocks behind the face frame to allow the secure attachment of the lift arms to the side of the cabinet.

Step 3

Using the 1/16" drill bit, drill pilot holes for inserting the mounting screws in the marked locations. Fasten the lift arm mechanism in place by using 6 of the #8 x 1/2" phillips truss head screws, starting with hole location #1 and continuing through to #4 (Figure 2). Then lower the arm to access and fasten #5 & #6 hole locations.
Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the right half of the mechanism, making sure the location of both of the lift arms brackets are level and parallel with each other.

Step 5

Raise both mechanisms to the open position. Using either the optional maple platform or a custom platform, center platform on mounting brackets and attach using 10 screws (Figure 3)

Step 6

Lift up on release levers (Figure 4) and lower appliance lift into the cabinet, checking for proper fit and clearance.


To adjust for open position height, you may move both (left and right) adjustment pins to one of three hole positions (Figure 5). With the stock platform, the middle pin position places the platform at approximate countertop level. The other two positions place the platform 2" above or below the countertop.

Product Assemblies

Mechanism: HAL 20
13.5" maple platform:WAL 13.5
16.5" maple platform:WAL 16.5
Tape Measure