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Optional Equipment
Hot Iron Rest by Iron-a-away Place the iron in this handy heat resistant iron rest. This allows for more useable space on the ironing board while making your  garment adjustments.
This feature is optional on all other models except the NE-242
Garment Bar by Iron-a-away

The garment bar can hold multiple clothes hangers, making it more convenient to perform continuous ironing

Hot Iron Rest   Garment Bar  
Solid State Timer by Iron-a-way The solid-state, silent timer On/Off indicator will let you know the power is on. Power shuts off automatically once the time has expired Pad and Cover by Iron-a-way Pad and Cover allows steam to pass through the fabric keeping the surface dryer  and providing a more even-heated ironing surface
Solid State Timer   Pad and Cover  
Spotlight by Iron-a-away Our spotlight will enhance your ability to iron out those sometimes hard to spot creases and crevices not found when ironing garments in insufficiently lit areas Cord Wrap Bu Iron-a-way The cord wrap allows for only the amount of cord required to iron by using the electrical cord cover or wrap. You can easily guide the iron and eliminate the excess cord from getting in your way
Spotlight   Cord Wrap  
  • A swivel board allows for a 90 degree left/right turn of the board creating the flexibility that may be necessary in confined areas

  • This feature is standard on Model A-42 and optional on all other models

90 Degree Left /Right Swivel is a division of