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LifeStyle Ironing Center
The LifeStyles Ironing Center has been in development for nearly ten years and made its market debut at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, May 16, 2005. The innovative LifeStyle Ironing Center makes ironing faster and easier, utilizes space more efficiently, integrates premium quality and design and materials and superb value. The patented LifeStyles Ironing Center is a sturdy yet contemporary looking ironing center that folds out from behind a detachable, decorative cover and offers many unique options not found with conventional ironing centers on the market.
The LifeStyles Ironing Center has a greater functionality than traditional built-in ironing boards that cost more than the LifeStyles Center. The LifeStyles Ironing Center takes up far less wall space that a traditional ironing center, installs without cutting holes in the wall and offers a full-size ironing surface that others do not. It is also the first ironing center to include its own built-in, extendable clothes hanger.
Because the LifeStyles Ironing Center's ironing board opens parallel to the wall, it can be mounted almost anywhere, like walk-in closets, laundry rooms, TV rooms and in confined spaces such as narrow hallways. The ironing board in a traditional ironing center opens perpendicular to the wall, requiring additional space.
The ironing board in the LifeStyles Ironing Center also rotates a full 180 degrees making it convenient for left or right-hand use. Most boards in traditional ironing centers do not rotate. Of those that do, most only rotate 90 degrees in one direction.
The LifeStyles Ironing Center comes with a ventilated steel mesh ironing board, padded cloth cover, chrome iron rest, extendable chrome clothes racks, and a decorative ABS plastic wall cover. The LifeStyles Ironing Center ironing board is a full 44-3/4" x 14-3/4" and the entire unit weighs about 29 lbs.
Traditional ironing centers can be difficult and costly to install. Most people will need to hire a tradesperson for installation- a significant "hidden" cost. The LifeStyles Ironing Center is very simple to install and can be done by the homeowner, without cutting a hole in the wall and without special tools. The wall cover of the LifeStyles Ironing Center can also be painted to blend with or compliment the decor of the home.
The LifeStyles Ironing Center was designed by Garry W. Allen, the owner and CEO of Better LifeStyle Products Pty. Limited. Prior to startting Better LifeStyle Products, Mr. Allen owned a commercial design and installation company serving the residential and hotel markets. "I simply saw a need to modernize the design of the traditional ironing center to meet the needs of today's consumers," says Allen.

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