Stone Tops
Slabs of natural stone are cut to our specifications, honed to a matte finish, and then impregnated with a sealer. Travertine is part of the "marble family". It typically includes small holes throughout that are caused by imbedded geodes and steam escaping during formation, frequently causing the top surface and edges to be slightly irregular. While most designers prefer to see the stone in it's natural state, some choose to fill with grout or an epoxy based filler.

The name "Travertine" usually refers to the cream and ivory tones and are fairly consistent. Nature occasionally adds minerals and other elements that give it brown and red colorations that resemble aged copper. Therefore "Copperstone" will offer unique variations in color and pattern, varying from soft terra cotta colors to rich reddish browns.
Note: Due to variance in computer monitors and the various settings of brightness and contrast to which users may adjust their monitors, we cannot guarantee with any certainty that the finish represented is exactly as it appears in the physical world.