Kitchen Accessories


  • Conventional ultraviolet light systems can kill bacteria and viruses but can not remove chemicals, pesticides, micro-biological and other contaminants. They also demand high maintenance to remove foreign matter and contaminants that build up and block the ultraviolet exposure needed to be effective.

  • Reverse osmosis systems only remove certain chemicals and canít kill bacteria or viruses. They require large storage tanks that can become contaminated, as well as frequent supplier maintenance and expense.

  • Under-sink carbon filtration Units can reduce chlorine, improve taste and remove some--not all--EPA identified chemicals and pesticides, but canít reduce levels or remove any bacteria or viruses.

  • Faucet mounted carbon filters cannot reduce organic, chemical or microbial contaminants; can reduce chlorine.

  • Bottled waters have no purity standards imposed by any regulatory body and may be no purer than tap water. Using bottled water is very expensive.

  • Water coolers deliver water that has no purity standards and the cooler mechanisms are easily contaminated by bacteria.