mechanical specifications of
 life flo
  • Maximum capacity
    1gal/min;3.75 lpm
  • Overall Dimensions
    17" top to bottom x 17.5" across x 5" wide
    42.5cm x 44.5cm x 12cm
    Faucet- 8.5/21.25cm high x .75/1.875cm 
    outside diameter, 1.5/3.75cm diameter at base fitting
  • Ultraviolet lamp
    Fluorescent type: 15 watts
    Theoretical UV dosage: 90000 microwatt seconds/cm2
  • Filter Cartridge
    Modified molded block, activated carbon, rated at nominal 1-2 micron retention.
    Granular activated carbon, rated at nominal 20 micron retention
  • Power requirements
    12V DC at 1 amp, with appropriate AC converters supplied with unit