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Life Flo's exclusive process cleans your water four times. It filters the water through 12 ft of VU coil. This ensures delivery of the highest quality water to you and your family.

The Life Flo Water Purification System combines a powerful sequence of cleansing steps to purify your drinking water:
  1. Water enters the system and passes through the first of the patented Double Pass twin coils, where high-intensity UV energy destroys viruses and bacteria. Water travels six feet through the unique compressed coils.
  2. With 99.99% of its microbes destroyed, the water then passes through a modified carbon block filter, where organic contaminants, lead and pesticides are reduced.
  3. A second filter of granulated activated carbon reduces the amount of chlorine, THM's and any of over 100 other well-known contaminants.
  4. The treated water then enters the second Double Pass coil for another 6-foot trip around the UV light to kill any bacteria breeding in the carbon filters
  5. The treated water, which is effectively isolated from the outside environment throughout the purification process, is drawn off through the system's special dedicated faucet.

Life Flo's exclusive, patented Double Pass system prevents bacterial recontamination of the water often caused by any carbon filter. No other system does this.