Rev-A-Shelf at Cabinet Accessories Unlimited

Independently Rotating Full Round 6060 Series 
Lower Pantry Shelf System

1. Locate screw holes with template provided and install upper and lower mounting flanges with four (4) each 3/4" by 8 oval head screws. *

2. With upper shaft assembly and locking screw removed from lower shaft assembly, slide collar onto shaft and lock it in place 6-10 inches from the bottom end of the shaft. Slide shelf down shaft against collar and add a second collar and shelf.

3. Tilt the shaft to a horizontal position and ease the shelves through the cabinet opening. (See illustration)

4. Raise the shaft to an upright position and rest the bottom end of the shaft on the cabinet floor behind the mounting flange.

5. Slide another collar onto the shaft.

6. With the shaft tilted forward, insert the next shelf through the opening and raise and tilt it to a horizontal position at the top of (and extending out of) the front of the opening as shown at 3C. Position shaft under shelf and slide shelf onto shaft. Repeat for the remaining collars and shelves.

7. Assemble upper shaft assembly and locking screw into lower shaft assembly. Lift the lower shaft and engage it in the lower mounting flange. Engage and set the upper shaft assembly in the upper mounting flange and tighten the locking screw. Tighten the locking screw on the shaft and the locking screw in the lower mounting flange.

8. Space the shelves as desired and tighten the collars with the locking screws.

9. * Mounting flanges are tapped for jack screw accessory. If used, drill 1" diameter hole through bottom floor only.
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