Rev-A-Shelf at Cabinet Accessories Unlimited

Independently Rotating 6260 Series - Lower Pantry Shelf System

1. Locate with template provided and install upper and lower mounting flanges with four (4) 3/4" x 8 oval head screws.*

2. With shaft in a horizontal position, alternately slide shelves (flat side down) and positioner (wheel) assemblies onto shaft at spacing desired. Engage positioner wheels in shelf support cam groove and tighten locking screw. Repeat for each shelf and positioner make up.

3. Slide Upper Shaft Assembly into upper end of shaft. Assemble locking screw.

4. Lift shaft with assembled shelves into cabinet and engage lower end of shaft into bottom mounting flange socket. Lift upper Shaft assembly to engage in upper mounting flange. Tighten both locking screws. Rotate shaft so that flat on shelf is parallel to back of cabinet.

5.  Adjust shelf positioner as necessary by supporting positioner assembly while loosening locking screw. Raise or rotate positioner into alignment and securely tighten locking screw.

6. *Mounting flanges are tapped for jack screw accessory. If used, drill 1" diameter hole through bottom floor only.
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