Rev-A-Shelf at Cabinet Accessories Unlimited

Independently Rotating 6270 Series - Upper Pantry Shelf System 
1. Locate with template provided and install bottom positioner on cabinet floor with four (4) 3/4" x 8 oval head screws.

2. Locate with template provided and install upper pivot support with four (4) x 8 truss head screws.

3. Slide upper shelf onto shaft. Slide second positioner onto shaft and temporarily tighten screw with positioner approximately 10 inches from bottom end of shaft. Slide bottom shelf onto shelf.

4. Lift shaft and shelves into cabinet and insert lower end of shaft into bottom positioner assembly and then lower bottom shelf until it rests on positioner.

5.  Slide upper shaft assembly into upper end of shaft. Assemble locking screw and lift upper shaft assembly to engage in upper pivot support. Tighten locking screw.

6. Lift lower shelf and tighten shaft locking screw in bottom positioner assembly.

7. Adjust upper shelf positioner by grasping and supporting second positioner assembly while loosening locking screw. Rotate positioner and shelf into alignment and securely tighten locking screw.
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