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Installation and Care Instructions

  • For protection in shipping, the GLASS SHELVES for your cabinet have been tucked under the top or bottom of the cabinet body.
    They are clearly identified by a label marked "GLASS SHELVES". Please look carefully and remove before installation.
  • SHELF PINS are inside the cabinet in an envelope marked "SHELF PINS". Remove before installation of cabinet.
  • It is important to make sure the cabinet body is level and plumb upon installation. Use a leveling instrument to insure accuracy, or the door may not close and/or secure itself properly.
  • You can hang your new cabinet hinge left or hinge right just by turning the cabinet over.
  • When RECESSING the cabinet, use the two pre-drilled holes (top and bottom) on each side of the cabinet interior. Screws are not supplied - as we do not know the type of material you are going into (i.e., wood studs or metal studs). Make sure the cabinet is level and plumb before securing into framing studs.
  • When cleaning your new AFINA bath cabinet, we recommend a mild cleanser, applied first to a rag or paper towel.
    Do not spray cleaner directly onto the mirror or frame.