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Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Pantry Installation Instructions
The Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Pantry Series comes packaged with all needed components including door mounting hardware. The only tool needed is a Phillips head screwdriver. Follow the procedure below to install the Pull-Out Pantry:
Step 1

Put the frame inside the cabinet and center it so the baskets will slide out of the cabinet without touching the sides, door and hinges. Position the lower frame runner 1/4" from the front edge on the floor of the cabinet. Mark the holes of the bottom runner front and rear brackets. then attach the lower frame runner using the #10 x 3/4" wood screws provided (2 screws per bracket - 8 total).
Step 2

Raise the telescoping, or top, part of the frame until it touches the top of the cabinet. Check that the upper frame runner is parallel to the bottom frame runner and that the frame is vertical. Mark the holes of the top runner front and rear brackets. Attach the upper frame runner using the #10 x 3/4" wood screws provided (2 screws per bracket - total).
Step 3

After the frame is securely fastened to the cabinet, simply install the baskets on the frame in the configuration of your choice. (A) Clip polymer brackets to the inside of the frame and lock in place. Then (B) slide the bracket into the bracket from the side and (C) push down to secure.

Attaching the door panel to the frame:

Step 1

Hold the cabinet door to the installed pull-out pantry and mark the locations of the door brackets. Note that the brackets should be positioned such that they will not interfere with the placement of baskets. Mount the door brackets using the wood screws provided.
Step 2

Hold door against the vertical frame member and attach using the clamp and 2 machine screws at each door bracket.

Fine adjustments can be made in the following four ways to align the door with the cabinet:

The door can be rotated about the vertical axis by tightening the clamp screws on one side and loosening on the other. The door panel can be adjusted horizontally by loosening the door bracket screws, moving the door panel and tightening screws. The front portion of the Pull-Out Pantry frame can be adjusted up or down by turning the adjustment screw at the bottom. Then tighten the jam nut against the frame to secure.

The door panel can be adjusted up and down by loosening the clamps, moving the panel and tightening the clamps again

Caution: The 5211 Series Pull-Out Pantry allows for full extension of the frame outside of the cabinet and is rated to a 450 pound maximum load. This unique feature requires that the cabinets be securely fastened to the wall or adjoining cabinets to prevent roll over of the cabinet itself during usage.