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How to Install a Hanging Pot Rack

Installing a brand new pot rack will occupy about half a day for someone who is reasonably handy.  Pot rack distributors provide their customers with easy-to-read directions that include both technical and safety instructions.  We recommend that you donít try to install a pot rack yourself, as a partner makes the task both simpler and safer. 

Before buying anything, measure the distance between the ceiling joists where you want to hang your rack.  All pot racks must be secured to the joists, or else a full rack may very well come crashing to the floor and take part of the ceiling with it.  Most people purchase racks based on the distance between joists.  Prior to installation, make sure you have all the appropriate materials.  Many companies will provide ceiling hooks, chains, and screw hooks when you buy their pot racks.  The tools you need include a screwdriver, drill, tape measure, pencil, eye screws, and wood glue. 

Putting You Pot Rack Together
Use a pencil to mark where you will need to attach your ceiling hooks (must be attached at the joists).  Some manufacturers instruct you to add a 2" X 4" piece of wood to the joists from the attic.  Others do not.  We recommend that you adhere to the instructions provided with your pot rack.  If you fail to adhere to the instructions, and if your pot rack falls due to negligence, then the manufacturer will not be liable in the event of injury or damage to your kitchen.  Besides, the instructions are written for your safety.

Next, drill pilot holes in the ceiling where the eye hooks will go, and do not make pilot holes that are wider than your eye hooks.  After that, screw the eye hooks into the pilot holes until the threads have disappeared.  If your pot rack comes with a grid, it will benefit you to remove the grid before installation.  This will make the rack lighter and more manageable.  Once the eye hooks are secured into the ceiling joists, hang your pot rack using the ceiling hooks provided by the manufacturer.  After this step, you are now ready to cast pot hooks and hang your cookware!