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Broan Elite Pro Style E64 10" H Cabinet Mount Canopy Range Hood
Elite Pro Style E64 10
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Elite Pro Style E64 10
Shown with Ductless Option
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* Bottom of hood should be 24" to 30" above cooktop

Elite Pro Style E64 10
Large baffle filters

Optional Backsplash Accessory

Elite Pro Style E64 10
Optional Ductless Filter Kit

Series Features:
  • For cooktops up to 150 K
  • Select 600CFM/13 Sones or 1200CFM/14.5 Sones interior blowers mounted in the hood, or 600CFM - 1500CFM exterior, wall or roof mounted blowers for maximum ventilation
  • Mount type: 10" H cabinet mount design
  • Easy to clean 22 gauge gauge Brushed stainless steel finish, double-wall steel construction with no sharp edges
  • Heat Sentry™ detects excessive heat and adjusts blower speed automatically
  • Infinite, solid-state variable speed control with blower memory
  • Variable speed rotary control remembers last setting—blue LED power-on indicator light
  • Bright halogen lighting: Two 50-watt bulbs in 30" and 36" widths, Three 50-watt bulbs in 42" and 48" widths (purchase bulbs separately)
  • Designed to duct out of the hood shell in either horizontal or vertical direction with internal blowers. External blowers duct vertically
  • Ducting Size: 600 CFM: 3 1/4" x 10", 1200 CFM: 14 1/2" x 18 1/2", External Blowers: 10" Round
  • Pro-style, dishwasher-safe baffle filters with handles and removable grease drip rail
  • Designed to be compatible with future make-up air systems that are currently in development
  • Use Soffit Chimney when installation location has no soffit. Soffit Chimney is 12" H
  • Optional 12" H soffit chimney extends the commercial look with ceilings up to 8 feet high. (not included)
  • Sizes: 30", 36", 42", 48"
  • Bottom of hood should be 24" to 30" above cooktop
  • Non-duct kit option available (not included)
  • 120 volts, 60hz, 5.4 - 9.0 amps
  • Finish: 22 Gauge 430 #4 Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Ships via UPS or FedEx
  • Manufacturers limited one year warranty
  • Ducting Accessories
  Optional Features:
  • Optional restaurant-quality backsplash is recommended when using infrared heat lamps
  • 22 gauge Stainless Steel construction - protects back wall and wipes clean easily
  • Two, dual-position food warning/condiment storage shelves
  • Backsplash features fold-down shelves to keep food warm. Fold up to store your favorite condiments
  • Optional make-up air dampers available: The Automatic Make-Up Air Damper provides a pathway for fresh air to enter a home from outdoors when a compatible exhaust device is operating. The Damper opens when a compatible range hood or exhaust fan is operating, thereby creating a known, controlled point for fresh air to enter the home while air is being exhausted from the building by the exhaust fan(s) and/or range hood. The Direct-Wired make up air damper communicates with the exhaust device through an independent, hard-wired connection between the exhaust device and the Damper. The MD6 is good for hoods up to 500 CFM, the MD8 is good for up to 1000 cfm. For 1500 CFM two MD8 dampers would be needed. The Make Up Air Adapter mounts in a duct, between outdoors and cold air return within a heating system.

Click here for specifications

Installation Instructions

These high-performance under cabinet mount hoods provide the professional look you want  in sizes that are right for any kitchen. The blowers provide the high ventilation and durable construction to meet the needs of professional-style cooking appliances for the home and are designed for quiet operation using the finest motors and balance wheels. Additional features include powerful blowers, baffle filters, brilliant halogen lighting, variable speed controls and make-up air damper compatibility.

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Broan Elite E64 With Internal Blowers, Stainless Steel
BR-E6430SS 600 CFM, 30"W x 22"D x 10"H $1013.32 Sale $767.58 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E6436SS 600 CFM, 36"W x 22"D x 10"H $1034.65 Sale $783.74 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E6442SS 600 CFM, 42"W x 22"D x 10"H $1097.94 Sale $831.68 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E6448SS 600 CFM, 48"W x 22"D x 10"H $1131.11 Sale $861.05 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E6448TSS 1200 CFM, 48"W x 22"D x 10"H $1404.42 Sale $1063.84 + Free s/h   Ship Time
Broan Elite E64 For Use With External Blower, Stainless Steel
BR-E64E30SS 30"W x 22"D x 10"H $906.84 Sale $635.38 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E64E36SS 36"W x 22"D x 10"H $879.40 Sale $666.14 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E64E42SS 42"W x 22"D x 10"H $933.32 Sale $706.98 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-E64E48SS 48"W x 22"D x 10"H $986.65 Sale $747.38 + Free s/h   Ship Time
Optional: Exterior Mount Blowers

Click Here For More Information and images

Add $12.00 for orders under $100

BR-331H 600 CFM Aluminum Exterior Blower, 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Specifications, Installation
$586.65 Sale $427.47 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-332H 900 CFM Remote Fan, 10" Duct (required)
Specifications, Installation
$755.81 Sale $539.67 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-335 1200 CFM Aluminum Exterior Blower, 120 VAC, 60 Hz
$1042.84 Sale $699.09 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-336 1500 CFM Aluminum Exterior Blower, 120 VAC, 60 Hz
$1247.98 Sale $889.09 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-332KR Rough-in Kit for 331, 332, 335, 336 fans, 51 lbs $137.44 Sale $77.09 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-72W Variable Speed Switch (for remote mounting only) for 331, 332, 335, 336 (sold only w/blower)(E60 hood already has a variable switch built on)
$96 Sale $63.52 + Free s/h   Ship Time
Optional: Inline Blowers

Click Here for More Information and images

BR-HLB3 280 cfm / 3.5 Sones, Inline Blower, 8" round or 10" rnd duct, 27.8 lbs., 2.6 Amps, Specifications,Installation $404.32 Our Price $307.78 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-HLB6 600 cfm / 4.0 Sones, Inline Blower 4 1/2" x 18 1/2" Rect or 10" rnd duct, 45.2 Lbs., 2.9 Amps, Specifications, Installation $625.98 Our Price $476.52 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-HLB9 800 cfm / 4.0 Sones, Inline Blower, 8" x 12" Rect or 10" rnd duct, 73 lbs., 3.0 Amps, Specifications, Installation $899.61 Sale $608.07 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-HLB11 1100 cfm / 6.5 Sones, Inline Blower, 8" x 12" Rect or 10" rnd duct, 73.1 Lbs. 5.0 Amps, Specifications, Installation $1089.70 Sale $709.57 + Free s/h   Ship Time
Optional: Backsplash w/Shelves, 34" H
Backsplash Installation Instructions
BR-RMP3004 Backsplash w/2 shelves, S/S, 23 lbs $649.01 Sale $384.77 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-RMP3604 Backsplash w/2 shelves, S/S, 25.5 lbs $592.71 Sale $394.92 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-RMP4204 Backsplash w/2 shelves, S/S, 28.5 lbs $641.45 Sale $415.22 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-RMP4804 Backsplash w/2 shelves, S/S, 30 lbs $799.75 Sale $445.67 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-RMP5404 Backsplash w/2 shelves, S/S, 34.5 lbs $733.40 Sale $475.11 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-RMP6004 Backsplash w/2 shelves, S/S, 36.5 lbs $828.82 Sale $496.42 + Free s/h   Ship Time
Optional: Non-Duct Recirculation Kits
BR-ANKE60302SS 30" Non-Duct Recirculation Kit $384.20 Sale $248.76 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-ANKE60362SS 36" Non-Duct Recirculation Kit $397.44 Sale $252.82 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-ANKE60422SS 42" Non-Duct Recirculation Kit $496.81 Sale $323.87 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-ANKE60482SS 48" Non-Duct Recirculation Kit $503.42 Sale $323.87 + Free s/h   Ship Time
Optional: Make-Up Air Dampers
Dampers are Intended for Hood Orders and are Not Returnable if Purchased Separately
Specifications | Installation Instructions | Application Guide | Images
BR-MD6T 6" Make-Up Air Damper $195.42 Our Price $138.85 + Free s/h   Ship Time
BR-MD8T 8" Make-Up Air Damper $211.98 Sale $137.11 + Free s/h   Ship Time

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looks great, plentry of CFM's to clear the room
by: Karen     from: hancock, nh      on: May 3 2010
 It was a challenge to install the rear mount with a 4" depth wall behind the stove [I didn't want to loose cabinet space], but the fan is strong enough to go up and out through the eves.

Very nice hood
by: Michael     from: Rochester, MN      on: Feb 4 2010
 My wife is Thai and obviously cooks a lot of Thai food. This hood is great for keeping down the garlic and grease in the kitchen. The fan is amazingly powerful.

I would order from this company again
by: Gerald Pifer     from: Boalsburg, PA      on: Jan 4 2010
 Ordered a Broan E6030SS hood and received it ahead of schedule. Driver even helped me carry to the garage. The item went on sale 5 days after my ordered was processed, they gave me a refund for the lower price. I would give a 5-star rating but have not installed the hood yet.

Great unit!
by: Chris Dafnoulelis     from: BELMONT, MA      on: Dec 18 2009
 Form, Fit and Finish are excellent. Like the change of the rolled fron edge.

by: Vincent Ho-Shing     from: Metuchen, NJ      on: Oct 27 2009
 Too new to rate, but so far, it works good.

by: Vincent Ho-Shing     from: Metuchen, NJ      on: Oct 27 2009
 Too new to rate, but so far, it works good.

by: Nick Giannoukakis     from: Coraopolis, PA      on: Aug 3 2009
 After looking at all the details that met the requirements for our kitchen makeover, we concluded on the Broan Elite, considered the workhorse of the mid-high range CFM range hoods/fans for semi-professional ranges (Thermador/Sub-Zero Wolf/Dacor etc). The Elite series is among the few that offers very flexible venting options as well as full control of venting across the entire range of the spectrum (0-600 CFM) compared to other high end models that only offer preset CFMs. As for Kitchen Source, the item availability was confirmed by phone and the sales agent, courteous and professional, provided a delivery date that was right on. The item was delivered four days after ordering by FedEx. The Elite is now a beautiful and very functional unit above our semi-pro range.

Thanks so much
by: Pegeen Lanahan     from: Whippany, NJ      on: Jul 13 2009
 I recently ordered a Rangemaster #RM503004 30" wide range hood. Very pleased with the delivery and the product...easy, well priced, it's in and looks very good. Thanks so much

by: Steve Parker     from: -, CA      on: Jul 6 2009
 Nice range-hood. Installs easily. It is the best match for my Wolf Range. Saved tons of money considering the real Wolf range-hood was 2k more expensive, and they look similar. The lighting is nice, and the noise level is good as well. However when on full-force, it is a bit loud. But I can't ever see needing it running that high unless something is burning. Other than that, it is very quiet at the normal speed.

Your questions that we answered:
Need to purchase the 18" high Broan elite pro style e60 wall mount canopy range hood. But I need it to be ductless as shown in photo. What do I need to purchase please. Thanks   - Asked about product BR-ANKE60302SS
 A:The non-ducted kit needed to make range hood: BR-E6430SS ductless is re-circulating kit: ANKE60302SS. Here are Instructions for further Review: http://www.kitchensource.com/range-hoods/pdf/br-anke-install.pdf

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"I have have just installed my new Sirius Range Hood- The finish is exceptional... the quality of stainless steel is excellent... the build quality is very good - it's sturdy and well built. Even on high, its not that loud, and its very very quiet on low."
Velio Fratangelo
Clyde, NY
Sirius Range Hoods
"I am extremely pleased with my copper hood. The craftsmanship is superb! I love the design and functionality as well as the warm look of the copper. It works quietly and effectively and has become the focal point of our kitchen."
Lisa Hensel
Strum, WA
Rangecraft Hi-Riser
"I just received my order today. I assembled it and it looks great!"
Rebecca LeRoy
Yuma, AZ
"We love the hood because it doesn't block a lot of the kitchen view. I will call tomorrow (Wednesday) to order a third one."
Carl Cordell
Camp Wood, TX
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