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What is the best way to clean the surface ?
Regularly wash with warm water, mild detergent and a clean cloth. Clean in the direction of the polish lines. Rinse well with clear water and wipe dry. There are also many specialized stainless steel cleaning products available.

How often and how should the filters be cleaned?
Every 2 months. Take the filter out of the range hood. Put the filter in warm, soapy water, let it soak for a few minutes. Wash, rinse, dry the filter and put it back in the hood or put the filter in the dishwasher.

When should the hood be operated?
Every time the cook top is in operation.

How can the halogen bulbs be replaced?
Press the cup with a screwdriver, open the glass ring and replace the bulb.

How can the hood be serviced?
Contact the 800-number provided on the instruction manual. Our nationwide service company provides phone support to determine the correct solution.