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Signature Series Wall Mounted Range Hood - by Omega National
Patent Pending Fast & Easy Installation Method

range hoods
Shown with optional chimney
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range hoodsrange hoods
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  • Available in 30", 36", 42", and 48" widths
  • Available in 5 wood types: Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Alder
  • "Ready-to-Finish"
  • Optional, removable, trimmable chimney for any height ceiling
  • Easy installation with our French Cleat hanging system
  • A Silver Metallic Powder Coated liner is included FREE for use with Broan power models
  • Stainless Steel Liner also available
  • Compatible Ventilator Options
  • Dual liners are available for 48" hoods when 1200cfm is required
  • Optional re-circulating ductwork kit
 range hood and chimney dimensions
Width: 30", 36", 42", 48" Depth: 19" Height: 22-7/8"
 Molding adds an additional 2-3/8" to width

Click to View Larger Image with Dimensions
The Signature Series Range Hood by Omega National adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. This range hood is made from your choice of five quality hardwoods including Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Alder. The wood is unfinished so it can be painted or stained to match your kitchen cabinets or existing décor. This beautiful range hood is available in 30", 36, 42, and 48 widths and measures 22-7/8 tall. An optional chimney can be added and trimmed to fit any height ceiling. Both the range hood and optional chimney feature the patent-pending French Cleat hanging system that allows for quick and easy installation. A Metallic Silver liner is included free with each Signature Series range hood. Additional metal liners are also available. The range hood is designed to work with a single Sirius 600 CFM Ventilator Power Module. In special cases when 1200 CFM is required, two Sirius Power Modules can be placed in a specially designed dual hood liner. All of the liners and hoods are compatible with an optional re-circulating ductwork kit.

There are five possible steps to ordering the Signature Series Range Hood:

Step 1 - Select a range hood
Step 2 - Select an optional chimney if required
Step 3 - Select an optional liner for a Broan Power Pack if:
  a) you would like an optional color liner in addition to the standard Metallic Silver liner (included free)
  b) you require a double liner for 1200cfm (48" range hoods only)
Step 4 - Select a Ventilator Power Pack
Step 5 - Select an optional re-circulating ductwork kit if not venting outside
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Step 1 30" Range Hoods
NA-R2130SMB1OUF1Range Hood, Red Oak$1111.94 Sale $808.94 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2130SMB1MUF1Range Hood, Maple$1118.58 Sale $813.77 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2130SMB1HUF1Range Hood, Hickory$1072.01 Sale $779.88 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2130SMB1CUF1Range Hood, Cherry$1178.48 Sale $857.34 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2130SMB1QUF1Range Hood, Alder$1111.94 Sale $808.94 + Free s/h    Ship Time
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36" Range Hoods
NA-R2136SMB1HUF1Range Hood, Hickory$1150.22 Sale $828.16 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2136SMB1OUF1Range Hood, Red Oak$1184.09 Sale $852.54 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2136SMB1MUF1Range Hood, Maple$1187.06 Sale $854.68 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2136SMB1QUF1Range Hood, Alder$1192.56 Sale $858.64 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2136SMB1CUF1Range Hood, Cherry$1269.98 Sale $914.39 + Free s/h    Ship Time
Go to Step 2
 42" Range Hoods
NA-R2142SMB1OUF1Range Hood, Red Oak$1224.17 Sale $872.22 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2142SMB1HUF1Range Hood, Hickory$1267.40 Sale $912.52 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2142SMB1MUF1Range Hood, Maple$1310.85 Sale $939 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2142SMB1QUF1Range Hood, Alder$1310.68 Sale $943.68 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2142SMB1CUF1Range Hood, Cherry$1390.36 Sale $1001.05 + Free s/h    Ship Time
Go to Step 2
 48" Range Hoods
NA-R2148SMB1OUF1Range Hood, Red Oak$1253.02 Sale $892.78 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2148SMB1HUF1Range Hood, Hickory$1304.88 Sale $929.72 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2148SMB1MUF1Range Hood, Maple$1353.92 Sale $964.66 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2148SMB1QUF1Range Hood, Alder$1361.84 Sale $970.31 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-R2148SMB1CUF1Range Hood, Cherry$1421.90 Sale $1023.77 + Free s/h    Ship Time
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Step 2Optional Standard Trimmable Chimneys 9-11/16" D x 23-1/2" H
NA-RCH30OUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Red Oak$217.59 Sale $148.21 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH30MUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Maple$232.56 Sale $158.30 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH30HUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Hickory$227.11 Sale $154.64 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH30CUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Cherry$234.30 Sale $160.67 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH30QUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Alder$229.83 Sale $155.94 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH36OUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Red Oak$219.88 Sale $154.64 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH36MUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, maple$227.86 Sale $160.26 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH36HUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Hickory$232.58 Sale $163.57 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH36CUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Cherry$241.30 Sale $169.71 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH36QUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Alder$244.25 Sale $171.76 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH42OUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Red Oak$237.91 Sale $167.32 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH42MUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Maple$255.26 Sale $179.50 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH42HUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Hickory$252.91 Sale $177.87 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH42CUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Cherry$263.16 Sale $185.08 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH42QUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Alder$266.66 Sale $187.53 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH48OUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Red Oak$255.47 Sale $179.66 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH48MUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Maple$275.33 Sale $193.64 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH48HUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Hickory$272.70 Sale $191.78 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH48CUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Cherry$284.46 Sale $200.07 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCH48QUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Alder$288.48 Sale $202.89 + Free s/h    Ship Time
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Optional Tall Trimmable Chimneys 9-11/16" D x 31" H
NA-RCHT30OUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Red Oak$225.63 Sale $157.94 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT30MUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Maple$250.25 Sale $175.17 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT30HUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Hickory$237.78 Sale $166.44 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT30CUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Cherry$250.43 Sale $175.30 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT30QUF1Chimney for 30" W Hood, Alder$253.01 Sale $177.10 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT36OUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Red Oak$277.32 Sale $194.12 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT36MUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Maple$296.47 Sale $207.53 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT36HUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Hickory$293.67 Sale $205.57 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT36CUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Cherry$300.71 Sale $210.50 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT36QUF1Chimney for 36" W Hood, Alder$294.51 Sale $206.16 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT42OUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Red Oak$284.59 Sale $199.21 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT42MUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Maple$303.72 Sale $212.60 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT42HUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Hickory$300.96 Sale $210.67 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT42CUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Cherry$307.98 Sale $215.58 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT42QUF1Chimney for 42" W Hood, Alder$301.76 Sale $211.23 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT48OUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Red oak$345.79 Sale $242.05 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT48MUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Maple$360.20 Sale $252.14 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT48HUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Hickory$370.30 Sale $259.21 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT48CUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Cherry$380.89 Sale $266.62 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-RCHT48QUF1Chimney for 48" W Hood, Alder$371.53 Sale $260.07 + Free s/h    Ship Time
Go to Step 3
Step 3Optional Liners

For Use with Broan Ventilator Power Packs
Silver Metallic Liner Included FREE

Click here for specifications
NA-090SB36SX1Liner for 36" W Hood, Stainless$749.94 Sale $524.96 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-090SB42SX1Liner for 42" W Hood, Stainless$857.04 Sale $599.93 + Free s/h    Ship Time
NA-090SB48SX1Liner for 48" W Hood, Stainless$958.10 Sale $670.67 + Free s/h    Ship Time

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Go to Step 4
Step 5Optional Re-Circulating Ductwork Kit
NA-90356DUC1Re-Circulating Ductwork Kit$241.66 Sale $164.29 + Free s/h    Ship Time
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Beautiful chimney for a decent price
by: Bob     from: Barrington, IL      on: Jul 25 2011
 ordered from Kitchen source the maple 36 inch omega national wall mount chimney and it arrived yesterday. The product quality is solid. Instructions are easy and it looks beautiful. It's the focal point for kitchen. Thanks Kitchen source.

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"I have have just installed my new Sirius Range Hood- The finish is exceptional... the quality of stainless steel is excellent... the build quality is very good - it's sturdy and well built. Even on high, its not that loud, and its very very quiet on low."
Velio Fratangelo
Clyde, NY
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"I am extremely pleased with my copper hood. The craftsmanship is superb! I love the design and functionality as well as the warm look of the copper. It works quietly and effectively and has become the focal point of our kitchen."
Lisa Hensel
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"I just received my order today. I assembled it and it looks great!"
Rebecca LeRoy
Yuma, AZ
"We love the hood because it doesn't block a lot of the kitchen view. I will call tomorrow (Wednesday) to order a third one."
Carl Cordell
Camp Wood, TX
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