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Installation Instructions for National Products
Wood Canopy Range Hood
And Ventilation System

Installation Sequence:

  1. Install desired decorative packages and apply finish to range hood.
  2. Install Wood Canopy range Hood.
  3. Remove the Wood Canopy Range Hood from between the two adjacent cabinets. Retain the four screws.
  4. Install the metal liner.
  5. Install the Ventilator unit, connect to exhaust duct and make the appropriate electrical connections.
  6. Re-install the Wood Canopy Range Hood.
  1. Range hood and decorative packages should be finished prior to installation.
  2. Install the Wood Canopy Range Hood (Figure 1) by attaching it to the adjacent cabinets using the four 2-1/2" screws provided. Align the top rail of the hood with the top rail of the adjacent cabinets. Before the screws are tightened, remove the Wood canopy Range Hood from its installed position.
  3. Ensure electrical power is turned off at the fuse or breaker box. Start ducting run and electrical service from wall or soffit (Figure 2).
  4. Position metal liner 19-9/16" below the top of upper cabinets and against the wall (Figure 2). Make sure liner is level.
  5. Use four #8 x 3/4" screws provided to attach liner to adjacent wall cabinets through predrilled holes in liner. Locate wall studs, drill holes in back of liner and attach to wall studs with the two #8 x 1-1/2" screws provided.
  6. Remove both plastic light lenses, aluminum mesh filter and field wiring compartment cover from Ventilator Unit.
  7. Mount Ventilator Unit to the four studs on the inside of the metal liner.
  8. mount optional backdraft damper to the top of the Ventilator Unit and connect duct run to damper collar and seal with furnace tape to prevent rattles and air leaks. Make sure damper shutter is operating freely.
  9. Bring electrical cable into filed wiring compartment through perforated knock out; secure with cable connector (not provided).
  10. Connect power line 1 to black leads, power line 2 (ground) to white leads with wire nuts (not furnished). Replace field wiring compartment cover.
  11. Insert 40 Watt bulb into each lamp receptacle then replace light lens.
  12. The power should be reconnected and the blower tested before re-installing the Wood Canopy Range Hood

Reposition Wood Canopy range Hood on top of metal liner and Ventilator unit and secure with four 2-1/2" screws.

Your Wood Canopy Range Hood and Ventilator System installation is now complete. Turn on electrical current and test on/off switch for lights and motor control for blower.