Measuring your Hood Width:
To be effective, your hood should be at least the width of the cooktop but, for "professional" type cooktops, there should be an overlap of at least 3" on each side, if possible.

What's the difference between Mesh and BaffelFilters?:

Both Professional MESH Filters and Professional BAFFLE Filters are easily removable for cleaning and are dishwasher safe.
MESH Filters are made from perforated stainless steel and do a great job of trapping grease.

BAFFLE Filters are polished steel of double wall construction that trap as much grease but allow a greater airflow. Their solid construction and rigidity will hold shape indefinitely. However, Liners with Baffle Filters are $200 - $300 more to buy.

What's the difference between Internal, Inline, and Remote Blower Locations:
Internal means mounted within the Liner just over the cooktop. Air is pushed to the outside. May be more noise but access for maintenance is easier and installation is less costly.

Inline means remotely mounted in a suitable location (usually the attic) as an integral part of the ducting. Generally less noisy but may benefit from an inline silencer to muffle vibration noise. Air is pulled in a more efficient manner. More costly to install.

Remote means remotely mounted on the roof or an outside wall. Generally less noisy but not if the location is close to the cooktop where vibration may add to the blower noise. Air is pulled in a more efficient manner.

What's CFM? (Cubic Feet per Minute) is a measure of airflow through the Hood Liner. The cfm required varies with the heat output of the cooktop/grill and is affected by length of duct run, type of ducting and number and type of bends. However, for the purpose of this quote, please allow 10 cfm for every 1,000 btu (e.g. 60,000 btu cooktop = 600cfm).