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Brabantia Trash Bags

Available in Multiple Sizes
Brabantia Trash Bags
Trash Bag
Brabantia Trash Bags
Perfect Fit
Brabantia Trash Bags
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Brabantia Trash Bags
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Product Reviews

4.9 80


  • Available in many different sizes
  • Made of extra-strong quality plastic (HDPE)
  • A perfect fit for your Brabantia waste bin - no ugly overwrap
  • Easy to insert neatly and remove quickly
  • Check the colour code on the inside of the lid of your waste bin to check what size you need
  • Easy to close & carry as they have integrated tie-tape
  • Trash bags cannot be returned

  • Bin Liners with Dispenser Packs
  • Works like a tissue box
  • Flat bag with a large opening - just grab a liner and pull out easily
  • Are not attached to each other, unlike most rolled-up waste bags
  • BA-TR295: Size A, Fits Trash Can Sizes 0.8 Gallons (3L)
  • BA-3117-41: Size B, Fits Trash Can Sizes 1.3 Gallon (5L)
  • BA-2453-43: Size C, Fits Trash Can Sizes 3 Gallon (10L/12L)
  • BA-2453-29: Size E, Fits Trash Can Sizes 5.3 Gallon (20L)
  • BA-2453-05: Size F, Fits Trash Can Sizes 5.3 Gallon (20L)
  • BA-2462-65: Size G, Fits Trash Can Sizes 6-8 Gallon (23L/30L)
  • BA-375668: Size G, Fits Trash Can Sizes 6-8 Gallon (23L/30L)
  • BA-2467-84: Size H, Fits Trash Can Sizes 10-13 Gallon (40L/50L)
  • BA-375705: Size H, Fits Trash Can Sizes 10-13 Gallon (40L/50L)
  • Brabantia Replacement Parts


Not only does Brabantia offer a unique line of modern waste bins, they take it a step further by making custom fit Trash Bags. For every waste bin there are "SmartFix" trash bags exactly the right size. Each bin has a color code that matches the bin liner of the corresponding size. The liners are made out of tough Polyethylene and have closures that ensure that the mess stays on the inside of the bag. The bags are made to fit; this means that there will be no unsightly over wrap visible, giving the waste bin a clean look.

Ship Method:

    Ships via UPS/FedEx Ground

Product Reviews:
by: Pamela Sims     from: Canyon Country, CA      on: November 18, 2014

Wonderful Product
by: J.M.     from: Garden Grove, CA      on: October 1, 2014
 I would recommend to all to get the Brabantia Step-On trash cans and the liners to match. You can't beat the quality of this system. We order a case of bags because they last us for a long time. KitchenSource.com has the best prices for these and their Customer Service department is very responsive. I am completely satisfied with the products and the company. I'm so glad they carry this line because I can no longer buy the products in my local area. We have used Brabantia products for over 10 years and haven't found any other similar products that are made as nicely.

Best trash bags on the market
by: J.M.     from: Garden Grove, CA      on: October 1, 2014
 We bought a case of these bags to fit our 20L Brabania Step-On Can. They fit the can properly and are easy to use. The case lasts us a long time. KitchenSource.com has the best prices and we are very happy with the quality of these trash bags.

I Love these trash can liners! They fit perfectly!
by: Heidi McKenna     from: Miami Beach, FL      on: July 29, 2014
 I Love these trash can liners! They fit perfectly every time. They have very small holes so that when you put one in they don't have that balloon effect they just stay in place and you can put the lid back on without fighting the bag and have the bag showing!

by: John Skinker     from: Arnold, Md      on: July 15, 2014

not impressed
by: Barbara Backstrand     from: Portland, OR      on: June 10, 2014
 strength overrated and expensive

Supurb service, pricing, and follow-up
by: John W Smith     from: Miles City, MT      on: April 30, 2014
 Evey business should be this customer oriented!

Brabantia bags for my step-can
by: Ken Altschuler     from: Brooklyn, NY      on: April 16, 2014
 These are the proper fit for Brabantia 30L cans. They come direct from Brabantia. Kitchensource had them at my house in three days. Excellent service and great product. My step-can is over twenty years old and still works great. Glad to have found these at Kitchensource. Just wish i didn't have to by a small case as I have a lot of bags now and no vendor seems to sell individual bags for Brabantia. Other cans, yes but the Italians no. But Kitchensource is good retailer and they have a lot of home stuff. You'll be happy here.

pricey but good bags
by: tom     from: chicago, il      on: April 7, 2014
 great bags, a little pricey, but price here is competitive with other on-line sources. Buy the ones with the dispenser

Wonderful thank you
by: John Skinker     from: Arnold, MD      on: February 11, 2014

Perfect Fit!
by: Mary Crow     from: Rogers, AR      on: November 22, 2013
 These liners are perfect for my Brabantia trash can!

Improved from Last Version
by: Russ     from: San Anselmo, CA      on: October 10, 2013
 Brabantia 50L bags used to be the best, albeit very expensive. The shape and dimensions work very well in their tall 50L cans and the long, round narrow form made them perfect for going down trash chutes. Then about 2-3 years ago they cheapened the product by making them from thinner plastic. They easily tore when pulling the drawstring and were terrible. They must have gotten the message because the current version is improved with thicker plastic. Not as tough as the original but still better. It seems best to bite the bullet and buy the large pack of 270, and then you are set for several years.

Great Product!
by: cbw7     from: Canandiaigua, NY      on: July 30, 2013
 We have been using Branbantia products for years. This is a new presentation for the liners, which is very convenient. I highly recommend Brabantia products!

by: patricia kennedy     from: st. louis, mo      on: June 14, 2013

looks great and easy to take out super full bags
by: Danny Buie     from: The Woodlands, TX      on: April 1, 2013
 Large bin that you can pack full and still easy to pull the bag out.

"The Best"
by: Mary Ellen     from: Rutland, VT      on: February 28, 2013
 I give this product 5 stars as I too agree with all the others that they are well made and made to fit. I couldn't be happier. Please don't change a thing. I will be a customer for life. Thanks for a well made product.

Excellent service
by: Howard Goodman     from: Columbus, Oh      on: February 4, 2013
 Easy to order

by: O Lheriier     from: west orange, NJ      on: November 30, 2012
  We went a long way to find these bags. The brand is very good

Trash can liners
by: Jackie     from: Bradenton, Fl      on: November 7, 2012
 We have been using these liners for our patient rooms for as long as we have been in business which is 8 years now. We have always ordered from Kitchensource and are very pleased with the product and the quick delivery and pricing is very reasonable.

Just as ordered
by: Jerry Cleveland     from: Ormond Beach, FL      on: November 2, 2012

Right stuff and right on time!
by: Cathy Lysack     from: Detroit, MI      on: September 13, 2012
 Simple and smooth ordering process, easily tracked delivery via UPS, and my beautiful garbage bags (bins liners in fancy language) arrived on schedule and in perfect condition! Thank-you Kitchen Source for 5-star service!

Great fit!
by: Bill K     from: Gainesville, VA      on: September 4, 2012
 These trash bags are the best since they fit so snugly around the can. Others do not do that.

As Expected
by: Steve Christensen     from: Tahuya, Wa      on: August 29, 2012
 I have purchase from Kitchensource in the past and have yet to be disappointed ... !

by: Emily     from: Lexington, Ky      on: August 22, 2012
 Great price, great product. Fits very well. My husband only complained about the color.

Fits the product it's suppose to git ...
by: Steve     from: Albany, NY      on: June 7, 2012
 It is just nice when a thing does what it says it will do ...

It's in the bag!
by: Sharon Shahar     from: Ardsley, NY      on: May 29, 2012
 Can't find these perfectly-sized trash bags in stores anymore. This website made it so easy to order a two-year supply at a reasonable price. Mission accomplished!

by: Sherry     from: Portland, OR      on: January 12, 2012
 What? Order trash bags on line? YES! These are WORTH it! They NEVER leak

Just right
by: John     from: Chicago, IL      on: September 29, 2011
 I have a wonderful Brabantia step waste can. All the localally available bags I find for this size are either the wrong shape (too wide and not tall enough), or so tight that they are a pain to install and remove. These go in easily, and can be removed quickly without any struggle. I'm glad I found Kitchen Source!

Good Value Buy
by: R. Kym     from: Harbor City, CA      on: August 30, 2011
 Reliable vendor with reasonable prices.

Ddidn't realize how much I missed them!
by: Jennifer Egan     from: Kingsport, TN      on: August 23, 2011
 I have had a Brabantia trash can for years. Once I ran out of my original order of refill bags, I started using other plastic bags. They didn't fit and made a mess. I finally found my original order for the refills and got on the computer. Hooray!

by: Joan     from: Owings Mills, MD      on: March 25, 2011

Good Value
by: Michael Fleshman     from: Carmichael, CA      on: March 23, 2011
 Fast Delivery, Good Value, easy order procedures

by: Vera Gropper     from: Somerville, MA      on: March 16, 2011
 These plastic bags are great! The fit is perfect which I cannot get by using just any old bag I get when I bring home groceries from the store. I was dismayed when Tag's Ace Hardware in Cambridge/Somerville didn't have them any more but ordering from you was easy. Many thanks.

Match made in heaven
by: Wynn     from: LA, CA      on: February 28, 2011
 Brabantia bin liners are essential for your Brabantia bin. Durable, and precise fit.

Fit Perfectly
by: Russ     from: San Francisco, CA      on: February 23, 2011
 Expensive but necessary to work with the Brabantia trash can system. They are very sturdy and close easily. The Cadillac of trash bags. I can only sigh as I drop them down the trash chute!

exactly what I wanted
by: Susan Myers     from: Mt. Pleasant, SC      on: February 17, 2011
 Delivered what I ordered in a timely fashion and was exactly what I was looking for

They are great! Fit my trash can perfect!
by: Teresa     from: Clayton, CA      on: February 11, 2011

30 l trash bags
by: j meeks     from: bluffton, s,      on: January 25, 2011
 you were the only source of bags as walmart and other stores had no replacement bags for my 30l step on trash can.and they fit perectly. thank you for bieinn one of the few sites that have what they sdvertise.

the right liner for Brabantia
by: Bill     from: Brooklyn, NY      on: January 24, 2011
 get the right bag for this great can and make your life easier. The price is right too

by: Shannon Garrett     from: Stuart, Fl      on: January 24, 2011

Strong and never rip!
by: Karen Miranda     from: Watertown, ct      on: December 15, 2010

great product
by: Tom     from: Atlantic Highlands, NJ      on: December 1, 2010
 Fast service, great product, satisfied customer.

by: K     from: Brookline, MA      on: November 24, 2010
 These garbage bags are terrific - strong, well packaged.

fit my same brand trash can perfectly
by: wanda kerns     from: hemet, ca      on: November 1, 2010
  Love my trash cans,and bags that go with them.

Convenient and easy.
by: Mary Vince     from: Surprise, AZ      on: October 7, 2010
 I really like my Brabantia trash bin and the trash bags are a perfect fit. Trash days (twice a week here in Surprise) are simple. The tie top bags come out of the bin easily, then right into the outdoor trash bin.

Great Service
by: Kathi King     from: Richmond, VA      on: September 16, 2010
 Kitchenshource provides great service! I have a large Brabantia trash can, and I cannot get the bags locally, so I order from this company. Bags are shipped quickly so I never run out!!

by: JANICE BURGI     from: SUN PRAIRIE, WI      on: July 29, 2010

Great product
by: Monty Tarr     from: Catlin, IL      on: July 19, 2010
 These bags are the perfect compliment to the Brabantia trash bin. They fit well, are strong, and very easy to use.

Good product
by: Evelyn C. Ellis     from: Marblehead, MA      on: June 7, 2010
 I've been using this product for a few years now and I like it very much. It is a little expensive though.

excellent serice - delivered on time and precise
by: Thomas     from: Peabody, Ma      on: June 7, 2010
 Will use Kitchensource for all my web orders going forward - competive pricing, on time deliveries and excellent communication throughout the process!

Like them alot
by: Dawn G     from: Draper, UT      on: April 30, 2010
 So glad I bought these. Can't find the perfect fit trash bag in the grocery store. These are perfect.

Bags fit perfectly!
by: Tricia Kalinoff     from: Green Valley, AZ      on: April 5, 2010
 I bought bags to fit my 6-gallon kitchen waste basket. They fit perfectly!

by: Colin     from: Los Angeles, CA      on: March 18, 2010

doesn't look like a trash can
by: karen     from: philadelphia, PA      on: March 12, 2010
 LOVE this sleek,bullet-shaped retro trash can.Finish does not show finger prints- a real plus. It appears a bit small but holds a lot of stuff!

was just what I ordered
by: jenny     from: marietta, ga      on: March 11, 2010
 Trash bin liners arrived on time and fit the trash bin. thanks

Good product, good price
by: Patti Byra     from: York Haven, PA      on: January 29, 2010
 These are the right bags for my trash bin. Works better than other generic bags. Good price

by: patti     from: West Chester, oh      on: January 26, 2010

Love these bags!
by: Ann-Marie Bagley     from: Wareham, MA      on: January 4, 2010
 I've had my Brabantia trash can for many years, and I've tried other trash bags but they never fit right. These trash bags are perfect in every way. Nice tight fit and love the drawstrings! The quality is exceptional, and yes they cost more. But they are so worth it. I will always come back for more. Fast shipping too! Never a problem with the bags or with KitchenSource!

by: LaJune     from: -, CA      on: October 27, 2009
 Shipping is prompt and the product fits perfectly into trash cannister . I order enough bags to last l 1/2 to two years.

bags fit great
by: Rebecca Backus     from: Holland, OH      on: October 22, 2009
 I hate when a bag hangs over a trash can. These bags fit my Brabantia trash can perfectly and don't show under the lid. They hold up well when filled to the brim.

by: Margie O'Driscoll     from: Hackensack, NJ      on: October 2, 2009
 I run out bags. Luckly, I found your site. I bought the case, 2 days shipping.

by: Monique Novales     from: Miami, FL      on: October 2, 2009
 Thank you for your prompt service.

by: anonymous     from: -, -      on: September 10, 2009

by: JUDY MESSAROS     from: ENON, OH      on: August 18, 2009

Great product
by: Monty Tarr     from: Catlin, IL      on: July 23, 2009
 The Brabantia trash bin liners fit the trash bin perfectly, are easy to install, and easy to remove. A great improvement over using generic liners.

Expensive, but good
by: Judy Hoffman     from: Clayton, NC      on: July 23, 2009
 If you have a Brabantia trashcan, you will be much happier with a Brabantia liner that really fits instead of trying to make another kind fit.

Works great- better then store bought
by: Greg     from: Magnolia, TX      on: July 15, 2009

by: David     from: -, -      on: July 15, 2009
 They're white. They hold trash. What else do you want to know?

Thanks for all your help
by: Linda Krull     from: East Meadow, NY      on: July 14, 2009
 The waste basket just arrived via UPS and it's beautiful. My sister will love it. Dettaree, thank you very much for keeping in touch. I have ordered things several times from other online merchants and never got the stuff after being charged with no reply at all. However I would definitely buy from Kitchen Accessories again. Thanks for all your help.

by: Barbara     from: -, -      on: July 9, 2009

by: Rick     from: San Antonio, tx      on: July 9, 2009
 Excellent fit--really strong. Good service from Kitchensource.

by: Lomghorn Dave     from: Houston, Te      on: July 9, 2009
 Best garbage can and bag combo on the planet, bar none!

great bag
by: Carol     from: Irving, TX      on: July 9, 2009
 fits the can. strong, doesn't break. holds lots of trash.

great product
by: Beverly Van Horn     from: Alexandria, VA      on: July 9, 2009
 I have used these bags for years and have had no problems with them.

Barbantia 30L trash bags
by: Mike     from: Carlstadt, NJ      on: July 9, 2009
 Exactly what I needed and delivered in a timely fashion. thank you

Pefect for your Brabrantia trash can
by: K. Smith-Jones     from: Rehoboth Beach, DE      on: July 4, 2009
 Great to have bags that fit the trash bin perfectly. Small holes at the top edge keep your bag from filling with air instead of trash. Sturdy.

product good delivery great
by: Jenny Kimbrell     from: Marietta, GA      on: June 24, 2009
 Product was perfect, delivery was excellent

made well just for the can
by: gr     from: frostproof, fl      on: June 17, 2009
 While more expensive than generic bags these fit to be hidden under the Barantia trash can top and are quality products with strong dsign and draw strings. Put the extra rolls of bags you ordered in the bottom of the can- then you always have the next one ready. No need to put elsewhere

Good Fit for Trash Can
by: James Hoffman     from: Clayton, NC      on: May 15, 2009
 I wouldn't buy any other bags because of the special shape of the Brabantia trash can.

perfect as always
by: marianne Ganzer     from: amherst, ma      on: May 11, 2009
 Brabantia garbage bags are absolutely worth their very reasonable price tag. Buying in bulk from kitchensource made them more affordable still. Buy your step can and load up on bags. you won't be sorry if you do.

practical and tidy
by: Chris     from: Riverside, CT      on: April 20, 2009

Your questions that we answered:
I ordered the above, how many Trash bags will this order come with, I have ordered the ones without the dispenser before, which were in a plastic sack. Thanks   - Asked about product BA-375668
 There are 40 bags in each roll and a total of 10 rolls so, 400 bags per order.
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    2453-29, 3117-41, 2453-43, 2462-65, 2467-84, 2453-05, TR295, 375668, 375705

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