• 'SmartFix' bin liners are precisely tailored to fit Brabantia waste bins and pedal bins - easy and quick to fit.
  • The Transport and sealing band makes it easy to remove the full bin liner from the bin and seal in - separate clips, pieces of string or adhesive tape are no longer necessary. 
  • 'SmartFix' bin liners are made of extra-strong quality plastic (HDPE) and are not harmful to the environment if dumped or incinerated.
  • All bin liners are provided with special ventilation holes - surplus air in the bin can escape easily when the bin liner is inserted - easy to fit.
  • Every bin liner comes with user tips, correct content indicator and a 'child-friendly' warning.
  • The unique color coding on the package and in all Brabantia waste bins and pedal bins enables you to determine which bags corresponds with a bin easily.