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Rev-A-Shelf Top Mount Double Pull-Out Waste Bins for Framed Cabinet - 27 - 50 Quart (6.75 - 12.5 Gallon)

Lids sold separatley - see Matching items below to purchase
Pull-Out Waste Bins
Pull-Out Waste Bins
Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull-Out Waste Bins for Framed Cabinet
Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull-Out Waste Bins for Framed Cabinet
Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull-Out Waste Bins for Framed Cabinet
Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull-Out Waste Bins for Framed Cabinet
4WCTM Open View
Open View
Door Bracket
Door Bracket
Spacer Kit
Spacer Kit (For Custom Installations)
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4.7 23


  • Top mount double bin pull-out waste containers
  • Designed for framed cabinets
  • Two 27 quart, 35 quart or 50 quart white polymer containers
  • Full extension over-travel slides
  • Built in door mount brackets
  • Solid wood construction
  • Spacer Kit for custom installations available, sold separately, see accessories below to purchase
  • Lids available for 35 & 50 quart bins - Click here - A lid on the rear basket may not work depending on cabinet construction
  • Lids will add 1" to the height of the trash can
  • Replacement bins available - Click here
  • For double pull-out bins for frameless cabinets, Click here


Rev-A-Shelf Bottom Mounted and Door Mounted Wood Classic Waste Containers feature Accuride 3834 Series Slides. All Wood Classic Waste Containers come standard with a pre-assembled Door Mounting Kit. Mounting bracket features same adjustability as the popular RV-Door Mount Kit. These containers can be mounted on virtually any door style.


RV-4WCTM-15DM-2: 12" W x 23-1/4" D x 17-3/4" H, For 1-1/2" face frame (2 x 27 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-15DM2-162: 11-3/4" W x 23-1/4" D x 17 7/8" H, For 1-5/8" face frame (2 x 27 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-18DM-2: 15" W x 22-3/4" D x 17-7/8" H, For 1-1/2" face frame (2 x 35 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-18DM2-162: 14-3/4" W x 22-3/4" D x 17-7/8" H, For 1-5/8" face frame (2 x 35 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-18DM-2-175: 14-1/2" W x 22-3/4" D x 17-7/8" H, For 1-3/4" face frame (2 x 35 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-21DM-2-162: 17-3/4" W x 22-3/4" D x 17-7/8" H, For 1-5/8" face frame (2 x 35 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-24DM-2-162: 20-3/4" W x 22-3/4" D x 17-7/8" H, For 1-5/8" face frame (2 x 35 quarts)

RV-4WCTM-2150DM-2: 18" W x 23-1/4" D x 21-3/4" H, For 1-1/2" face frame (2 x 50 quarts) - for cabinet without a top drawer
Rev-A-Shelf Spacer Kit for Top Mount Trash Bins (for Custom Installations), Wood, 1"W x 22"D x 2-7/16"H (38mm x 565mm x 62mm)
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Lids (Sold Separately):
Product Reviews:
by: allan sherman     from: forked river, NJ      on: April 16, 2014

by: Howie Ehrenberg     from: South Setauket, NY      on: March 21, 2014
 Excellent product. Well made. Functional addition to our new kitchen. Great price as well!!

Good quality
by: Steve Noschese     from: Fombell, PA      on: February 17, 2014
 The quality of the product is very good and appears to work very well. Three pages of instructions but some points were unclear or confusing. Followed gut instinct to install.

by: wendy     from: SB, CA      on: August 8, 2013
 A great, sturdy, well made product. Thank you

Perfect Solution - Great Product
by: Tom     from: Port Orange, FL      on: April 16, 2013
 Got tired of laundry hampers using valuable space in closets. Had an opportunity to replace an old recessed dressing table that does not meet the needs of the modern woman. Built in an inexpensive drawer cabinet (Home Depot) and put a double container rev-a-shelf as a pull out...that was two years ago...We still marvel about well it worked out, an how handy it is to separate laundry, delicates from rough. Hers from mine.

Excellent replacement for original bin system
by: Steve     from: Chicago, IL      on: September 5, 2012
 Purchased this product to replace an existing bottom bracket system with wire basket holder. Construction is sturdy and location at the top provides much smoother function. Installation required adding simple brace to back of cabinet. Only disappointment was the spacers purchased at the recommendation of sales rep., however, these were not needed and shipping costs prohibit return. Overall excellent product, perhaps more expensive than needs to be, but that goes with specialty item. Would recommend for anyone with simple install skills.

works great. easy to install
by: Aaron     from: Jacksonville, FL      on: November 28, 2011

by: Eric     from: La, -      on: March 17, 2011

Good Unit - Bad Instructions
by: Richard     from: Arvada, CO      on: November 24, 2010
 I think the instructions for installing the unit were written by someone who did not have much experience with such projects. They needed to be more complete.

by: anonymous     from: marietta , ga      on: August 24, 2010
 This is great love it!! If you are not very handy...get the one that has the wooden holder at the bottom instead of the top. Getting it level and installed took more time that we thought but worth it. The one on the bottom would just be so much easier. Very well made and sturdy!!

Beautiful quality. Excellent service.
by: Daniel Barker     from: Brewster, NY      on: July 16, 2010
 The quality of the unit was suprisingly good. Shipping damage (busted glue joint) was immeditely rectified by Kitchensource. This would be excellent for storing dog food too!

by: ben     from: -, ct      on: June 1, 2010
 easy to use and install great product

by: TAYDOGZ     from: NH, NH      on: May 27, 2010
 Everything just as advertised. Easy to install. Works great!

by: Robin     from: Webster, NY      on: October 19, 2009
 I love the roll out garbage and recycling bins. They are high quality and work perfectly. It is great to finally have my garbage out of sight!

love it!
by: EL     from: peoria, il      on: October 2, 2009
 very nice quality and very fast delivery

Great Trash Solution
by: Morgan     from: Portland, OR      on: September 23, 2009
 Once installed, this is a fantastic product. Nice big bins for trash and recycling. We've never found a better way to get the trash neatly hidden away from view. The wooden frame looks nice. The installation was quite difficult, however. Make sure to have proper tools and extra screws before starting the process.

Great transaction
by: Wing     from: S. Huntington, NY      on: August 3, 2009
 Easy installation. Quality product.

Nice product
by: Steve     from: Doylestown, PA      on: August 3, 2009
 It was exactly what my customer was expecting...

Great Product
by: Paul     from: Loveland, OH      on: July 15, 2009
 Very well made. It solved our exposed trash can problem perfectly.

Works really well
by: Tony Cera     from: Half Moon Bay, CA      on: June 19, 2009
 When I took this out of the box I was amazed at how good it looked. I was a little concerned when I was reading the directions the first time, but I had the unit installed in less than an hour and it works great. My wife loves it. I'm planning on ordering two more. Thanks Tony C

It's just what I wanted
by: Jodi Christiansen     from: San Jose, CA      on: June 15, 2009
 I love this roll-out unit. I had an open space under a kitchen counter that I really wanted to use for trash and recycling but it was too short for a regular base cabinet. So, determined to make it work anyway, I ordered a 15" wall cabinet, took it apart and attached the face frame/door to the roll-out supports, then attached the slides to the walls. It works great and makes me smile every time I open it!

Great product...
by: Larry     from: Cincinnati, -      on: May 6, 2009
 Great product. Super strong construction, well made with good attention to detail. Easy to install and works like a charm!

Great product!
by: Jenny     from: Greenville, SC      on: April 28, 2009
 My husband and I really like this Rev-a-Shelf pull-out trash unit! My husband's an engineer, and he prefers the design which has the roller-mechanism at the top rather than the bottom. I must agree that it's very solid and sturdy. We really like having two trash cans--we use the front one for regular trash and the back one for recycles.

Your questions that we answered:
You have a lot of different versions of this unit. My opening is 17" wide. Is this the right unit for that? [i.e. are the spacers wide enough so everything will be properly aligned?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-18DM-2
 As long as you opening is wider than the width of the unit it will fit. The RV-4WCTM-SP-KIT spacer kit will add on 1.5 inches to each side of the unit.
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I have a custom cabinet that I need a NEW waste bin assembly for - The 4WCTM-21-DM-2 says the width is 17.75" - Is that the width of the whole assembly (including hardware to attach to inside of cabinet??   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-21DM-2-162
 The width on the Double Pull-Out Waste Bin by Rev-A-Shelf includes the hardware.
 0% of 0 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (0) | No (0)

If my opening is 15" but the face frame is 3/4" (box width 16-1/2") What product do I use?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM2-162
 You need RV-4WCTM-18DM-2.
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What do they mean by 1-1/2" face frame?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM-2
 The face frame dimensions help to gauge how much actual width an opening has. Say the box width is 15 and the face frame is 1.5" on each side then, the opening is 13"W.
 50% of 4 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (2) | No (2)

How do I measure my cabinet to ensure this is the correct size to order? What is the 'face frame' sizes?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-21DM-2-162
 The page below explains how to measure cabinet openings:

 0% of 1 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (0) | No (1)

What'st he difference between this product and the one almost identical - 4WCTM-DM2-162, which is for a different frame? How do I know which one I need? Would like to know asap so I can order the right one. And how fast can I get this if I order it Friday?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM-2
 RV-4WCTM-15DM-2 is for a Base 15 (or 15 Wide) cabinet with 12 opening, and 4WCTM-15DM2-162 is for also for a Base 15 cabinet but with 11-3/4 opening. These products ship out within 2-3 days after the order is placed, plus the transit time. You can also call us at 1.800.667.8721 to place the order.
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How do i keep the cabinet from sliding out, about 6 inches, on its own, whether the trash bins are empty or full? It was installed by a contractor a couple of years ago when i replaced the kitchen cabinets. I am having to tie a rubber band around the drawer handle on the cabinet to the handle on a drawer above it to secure it.   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM2-162
 90% of the time this happens it's because someone is Pushing Down on the trash, when the drawer is fully open in-order to get more trash in it. This will bend the slide.
The other 10% is possibly the rear bracket screws came loose and the slides are tilting down.

The test for these are as follows:
Open the unit, put a level on the cabinet members that are still inside the cabinet. If they are tilting down toward the front, re set the cabinet members by moving the rear brackets down.
If they are parallel, put the level on the drawer members located on the outside of the wood box, if they are tilting down, the slides are bent and a new pair of slides would be needed.

 100% of 1 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (1) | No (0)

What are the dimensions of the cabinet opening needed for this Trash can slider   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-21DM-2-162
 You will need a cabinet opening of 17 wide x 22 deep x 17 7/8 tall, if your cabinet is larger, you will need to use spacers.
 0% of 0 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (0) | No (0)

Hello, This looks like a great product! I have two questions: 1. What is the weight rating of the drawer slides? 2. My cabinet has a face frame, but in this specific cabinet where I want to install the trash can slider the inside edge of the face frame is flush with the inside walls of the cabinet. I can't tell from the photos if this product will work or not without there being a recess behind the face frame. Which product would you recommend for my application?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-18DM-2
 1) The weight rating of the slide is 150 lbs.
2) You can use one of the pull-out trash cans on this page: http://www.kitchensource.com/trash/rv-4wctm-2-fl.htm (Pull-Out Waste Bins for frameless cabinets).

 100% of 2 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (2) | No (0)

I'm converting a 4 drawer base cabinet into double container pull out. My measurements are 22"H x 22 1/2 deep(inside face frame of 3/4")x15" wide opening. What container system can I use.   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM2-162
 For the given measurements, model RV-4WCTM-18DM-2 fits the best. You may also want look at a bottom mount pull out trash can which gives more flexibility, shown on this page: http://www.kitchensource.com/trash/rv-pull-out1-doublebin.htm
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When it gives the dimension of the unit. If is says 18w is that counting the mounting bracket?   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM-2
 18"w does include the mounting bracket.
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can I get the hardware without the door. I have a door that matches my cabinets to use.   - Asked about product RAS-4WCTM-15DM-2
 The door is not included. RV-4WCTM-15DM-2 Double Pull-Out Waste Bin unit includes the slides, the door mount kit, and the bins, (lids sold separately). The image shows what the item would look like installed.
 100% of 3 people found this useful. Was this useful to you? Yes (3) | No (0)

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