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Extension Guide
A 3/4 Extension slide will allow your drawer to pull out 3/4 of their full length from the cabinet face. This type of slide is simplest to make and generally cheaper than full or over extension drawer slides.This type of extension is also helpful when you have to worry about your cabinet tipping over if the drawers were to extend too far.

A Full Extension slide will allow your drawer's back side to be flush with the cabinet's front end. This exposes the entire contents of the drawer when opened.

An Over Extension slide will pull the entire drawer from the cabinet so there is a gap between the drawer's back end and cabinet front. This allows you to have full access to your drawers when there is an overhang above your drawers, such as a kitchen counter which extends beyond the face of the cabinet. Usually over extension slides are labeled with how far from the cabinet face you can extend your drawers. A 1'' Over Extension Drawer Slide will have a 1'' gap when fully extended.