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What is the grilling time of the disposable one pound canister?
The one pound disposable canister of propane will last up to 3 ½ hours depending upon your choice of grilling temperatures.  Since the Del Mar design is highly "heat efficient", we recommend grilling on a low to medium-low setting.

Can I use the Del Mar on my boat?

No.  The Del Mar was specifically designed for use on land.  However, Magma does offers a complete line of marine products including barbeques for any marine application.

Can I use a larger refillable twenty-pound tank with the Del Mar propane model? Yes, you may connect the propane Del Mar to a larger twenty-pound tank.  A conversion hose is required and may be purchased at your local retailer or directly from Magma.

Can I use Natural Gas?

You can use natural gas, but only on the natural gas model.  There are two models of the Del Mar; one is specifically designed for use with propane, the other with natural gas.

Where can I buy the one-pound disposable canisters of propane?

The disposable propane canisters are available from Hardware Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Marine Equipment Stores, Mass Merchandisers (K-Mart, Walmart, Costco), BBQ Retailers, and at many Supermarkets.  There are generally two sizes of canisters available.  The Del Mar uses the shorter, and more generally available, 16.4 ounce canister as opposed to the taller, 14.1 ounce canister.

Can I leave my Del Mar Grill outside all year long?

 Yes, since the Del Mar Barbeque is all stainless steel, you may leave it outdoors all year long.  We recommend use of an optional "Coastguard" cover.  These are available in five colors and will provide additional protection from the elements.

The grill seems to be small, do you make a larger one?

The Del Mar was intentionally designed for use on small patios, balconies, terraces and other small garden areas.  Don't let the size of the grill fool you.  The round shape, chosen for its unequaled grilling efficiency, is deceptive as to its size.  It is 16 inches in diameter and 201 square inches of grilling surface.  It easily grills meals for four or more, in less time, and using less fuel than larger more expensive grills.

How do I clean my Del Mar Grill?

Since the Del Mar Grill is all stainless steel, the interior surfaces, the grill grate, and the radiant plate and dome, may all be brushed clean of any debris.  Then since the parts are all easily disassembled, they may be placed in the dishwasher.  For really heavy grease or debris, we recommend the use of a stainless steel grill cleaner, such as "Easy Off" stainless steel range and grill cleaner, and a Scotch-Brite "type" cleaning pad.  Never use steel wool "type" cleaning pads on stainless steel surfaces.  Exterior surfaces should be cleaned with soap, water, and a soft cloth and thoroughly dried.