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LifeStyle Ironing Center Installation
Wall Mounting Instructions
User Instructions
  • Select a suitable position on the wall with access to a power supply
  • Select a wall/vertical face with structural integrity for fixing the ironing board
  • Allow for weight of ironing board supported by 5 screws against wall
  • Ensure that there is enough room to rotate the ironing board when in use
    e.g.. 4-1/2" clearance radius as board swivels
  1. Remove plastic cover from wall unit. Place left hand in recess on underside of cover and right hand on contoured front handle. With left hand pull outwards from underside while supporting cover with front handle
Wall Plate Mounting  
  • If the structural wall is wooden Pre-drill a 5/32 hole at desired Height off the floor in the center of the wall stud
  • For masonary walls drill a 1/4" hole in the wall at the same height and insert wall plug
  1. Locate and align the top hanger recesses on the cover (item c) with hooks on the wall bracket to suspend cover
  • Position the plate with a 1-1/2" long screw through the center screw hole in the wall plate. Mark the inner 4 holes for wood or outer 4 holes for masonary
  • Remove wall plate, drill remaining marked holes and re-mounting wall plate.
  1. Grip top of ironing board to pull into horizontal position.
    Unfold ironing board halves
Ironing Board Mounting  
  • Align the ironing board wall unit over the wall plate and lower into position.
  • Press firmly down in place . The self locking design will ensure constant support and stability.
  • Once in place, fit the lock screw (item g) into the top screw hole of the wall plate using the supplied Allen key tool
  1. Loosen knob on underside of main body to swivel ironing board away from wall.
  1. Choose ironing board position. Tighten knob on underside

  1. Wall Plate
  2. Plastic Cover
  3. Cover Hanger
  4. Hanger screws x2
e.  Wall screws x5
f.   Wall Plug x5 for masonary
g.  Lock screw and Allen key tool
h.  Ironing board with fabric cover
  1. Remember to fold board, reposition base and tighten knob before lifting to vertical position when finished.
    Replace cover as shown

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