Types of Butcher Block - Made using End Grain and at least 1.5" inches thick
End grain
End Grain butcher blockEnd grain butcher block is "true" butcher block made in the old-fashioned way to withstand chopping, dicing, and cutting. It is the most versatile of any type of cutting or chopping board. End grain blocks are made by usig glue and spaples to combine many pieces of wood with the grain of the wood facing up. They require more work to produce, are more durable and are often used in professional & commercial kitchens, cutting boards, chopping blocks and residential kitchen islands. This type of butcher block has a checker board appearance. If you have only one board in your kitchen, this is the best choice all around.

Wood Species - End Grain

Edge grain (long grain)
Edge Grain butcher blockEdge grain, or long grain butcher block, is used to make the majority of cutting boards sold throughout North America today. Edge grain butcher block is constructed by gluing many pieces of wood together. The grain of the wood in long-grain or egde grain blocks runs long ways, or horizontal with the work surface. The edge grain is turned up, and this is the hardest portion of a hard maple log or board, making it ideal for light dicing and cutting. This type of butcher block is easier to produce, is more affordable, and is used in countertops, table tops, work benches and 95% of the products referred to as butcher block.
Wood Species - Edge Grain