What is APT?  
APT stands for Advanced Polyurethane Technology, WellnessMats revolutionary and proprietary engineered material system. It is the key to WellnessMats comfort, performance, and longevity. APT allows our thick elastomeric and resilient core to permanently bond with our thin abrasion/stain/microbial resistant outer layer because both are made from the same cross-linked polyurethane molecules. The molecules bond (permanently) using a process called thermosetting. What APT means for you is that the comfort and longevity of our mats are permanently locked into every fiber; they will never de-laminate or curl at the edges. They will remain as buoyant and resilient on day 2,555 as they were on day 1.
The core of APT is polyurethane - the gold standard for anti-fatigue mats. It is more expensive than other commonly used materials, but it provides exceptional value over time. Thus, giving WellenssMats an extended life cycle making them environmentally friendly, since the need to dispose and/or replace is infrequent.

Unlike mats made of foams or even gels, WellnessMats are resistant to almost everything and do not lose their 'bounce' over time. Many of our competitors' products wear through or lose their bounce within the first year of use. There are thousands of materials and solutions on the market today, but only one has been engineered with special physical properties for your permanent comfort. That is the value of our engineered APT system.

Years of advanced material engineering have gone into making WellnessMats. The technology associated with our APT formulation equals comfort, engineering, and value - to provide you, our customers with the ultimate in comfort and wellbeing.

Under normal conditions, our APT and revolutionary design guarantees the following:
  • Exceptional comfort - standing is believing
  • Always lies flat - gradually edges reduce tripping (due to design & cross-link technology)
  • Anti-microbial - by design...inherent in our material formulation
  • Permanent shock absorption and recovery (consistent ''bounce-back'' every time)
  • Abrasion, slip and wear resistance (mat travel is reduced and will not show wear and tear)
  • Stain and chemical resistance
  • Enhanced material stability in wet areas
  • Contain no plasticizers, and will not leach over time (no noxious smells or bad chemicals)
  • UV stability for brighter areas of your home
  • Flame resistant up to 400(f) degrees
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • ''Extended lifecycle'' guarantee keeping the material out of the landfills and are 100% Recyclable.
  • Our APT allows us to offer the industry's most comprehensive warranty (7-Years)