WellnessMats are Eco-Friendly & 100% Recyclable!
WellnessMats is proud to announce that its mats, made with WellnessMats' proprietary advanced polyurethane technology (ATP), are 100% recyclable! At the end of a WellnessMat's long and useful life cycle (more than 7 years!), it can be recycled into a handful of other viable products. This means that WellnessMats can be upcycled; reprocessed and handled in a a way that requires less energy usage, fewer resources, and virtually no waste to create a new product (or products) that are as valuable or more valuable than the original product. This reclamation process allows WellnessMats to upcycle its superior anti-fatigue products into an equally useful series of other polyurethane products, including:
100% Recyclable
  • Advanced sole's for shoe's including health and medical shoe's
  • Carpet padding/underlayment for your home
  • Other useable mats!
  • ''Crash pads'' for playgrounds, running tracks, select gym equipment.