1) Be sure any spills are cleaned up immediately. Excessive moisture and certain chemicals allowed to stand on a finished surface can cause damage.

2) Clean spills or soiled areas with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

3) Periodically, apply a coat of spray wax, paste wax, or lemon oil to finished surface. This will enhance and protect the finish and insure a moisture barrier is intact in the event the finish becomes scratched or worn.

4) Minor scratches and dents can be easily repaired by rubbing the affected area with steel wool or fine grit (#220) sandpaper. Remember, when rubbing or sanding always sand with the grain. Feather edges of repair into the surrounding area. Remove all dust and residue and apply a clear lacquer type finish. Confine touch-up only to area which has been sanded. Remember, follow manufacturers directions on product label when refinishing.

5) Major scratches and gouges where large portions of wood have been removed or damaged should be handled by a professional experienced in furniture repair or a serious do-it-yourselfer with the proper tools and equipment.

6) Mineral streaks-Natural coloring of wood due to mineral deposits in the tree. Repair is not required and will add to the individuality of your table. Sizes can range up to a 1/4" wide and up to 3" in length.


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