Why is a Power Pack/ Blower Required?

  • These Power Packs/ Blowers contain the "guts" of a custom or made-to-order range hood
  • Includes the blower(s), grease trap(s), lights and (usually) controls
  • Intended mainly for use in custom or wood hoods, or in "your own" style hood
  • The power packs fit into your own creation or into a shell of wood, plaster or metal manufactured by others.
  • Most range hoods have their fans or blowers mounted inside the hood.
  • An Exterior blower installed remotely from your hood, on an outside wall or on your roof, may be an option to consider if you are concerned about noise - but only if it is installed more than 15 feet away. If your external blower is installed on an outside wall directly behind your range hood it will not be less noisy. In fact, if the blower is installed within 15 feet, the sound level may actually be increased because almost all exterior blower units are noisier in and of themselves.