Hafele Design Deco Series H2305 Decorative Furniture Handle, Center to Center: 96mm (3-3/4") to 192mm (7-9/16"), in Multiple Finishes, Made Zinc
Installed View
108mm (4-1/4") Matt Black
140mm (5-1/2") Matt Black
172mm (6-3/4") Matt Black
204mm (8-1/16") Matt Black
Design Deco H2305
Design Deco H2305 2
108mm (4-1/4") Brushed Nickel
140mm (5-1/2") Brushed Nickel
172mm (6-3/4") Brushed Nickel
204mm (8-1/16") Brushed Nickel
108mm (4-1/4") Satin Brushed Gold
140mm (5-1/2") Satin Brushed Gold
172mm (6-3/4") Satin Brushed Gold
204mm (8-1/16") Satin Brushed Gold
Drawing Dimensions